Ways to play with your American girl doll…

1: Play school! Your dolls need to be educated too! 😁

2: Play resturaunt! Prentend that you’re doll is a waitress. Or she could be at a Paris cafe!

3: Make stopmotion movies! This is like my favorite thing to do. If I could put a video of one of my movies on my blog, I would. But I can’t 😰.

4: Start a business! If you enjoy making or dress your doll instead of playing with her, you should start a business! It also does not have to be clothes, it could be furniture, or quilts, or anything! The best thing in the world is to get paid to do what you love ❤️.

5: Play hospital! Prentend your doll got a broken arm or leg, or had to get a shot.

6: Go to the mall! Find a day when you can go to the mall with your dad/mom! This is fun especially when you have a AG store in your mall. I live really far away, like two hours from the store, so unfortunately I don’t get to go there very often.

7: Make or go to the salon with your doll! This is a good idea for a birthday party with your friends!

8: Go camping! Either it’s just out in your yard, or it’s in the great wilderness in Yellowstone, this activity beats them all.

9: Go to the park! Spend some time with your doll on a playground, or lay on the grass looking at clouds. Fun for hours.

10: Make a bedroom for your doll. Here is a link of a bedroom: Here


So excited!

Hi guys! It’s Samantha! Sorry about the wait. Logan really arrived about a month ago. I just have not been able to get the time to remind him to write. (Even though I really shouldn’t have to remind him…) Anyways, this has started to turn into a family blog, even though it was mine only before. Hey, I got a great picture of Logan!


UnknownThere he is! I know I already have showed you a picture of him, but, I guess I’m really proud of having a brother 😀 Thanks for reading!


Samantha ♥


Hi! I’m Logan. I’m Samantha’s brother! 😀 !!! Let me tell you a few things about myself…

Name: Logan

Age: 10

Likes to: Play the guitar

Hates to: Sit in the car for more than a half an hour…

So now you know. You think I would like to play the drums, huh? Well, I’m not an ordinary doll. For sure.

Logan E.

5 unique things all about Logan.

OK so here are a few things about Logan that makes him unique.

1. Logan plays the drums.

2. When Logan first came out, he didn’t come with another outfit. 

3. To me, Logan’s ‘colors’ are turquoise and green.

4. Logan’s drum set costs 68 dollars!

5. Logan comes out with a blue plaid shirt and a blue play loud shirt and  black jeans.




UGH!!! In school today, my teacher, Miss Juliet, told us that we were going to learn how to type!!!! I’m super bummed out about that, because I’ve already done some programs related to that, and totally failed. Well, I guess I only failed one, because the first one i did was so out-dated and glitchy, that it put a big bug in our computer!! My mom found it at a garage sale 😑. Sometimes I wish that we never went to any garage sales. One time I found a blow up palm tree floaty. Included with a free Barbie® horse. This was when I was five, by the way. And, by the way, if you were wondering, I’m typing right now, and thats why the name of this post is called AHKHKHHHHH!!!. Sorry for the K’s. I’m really bad at typing so far. See you guys!!!  ☺️


hi gis I’m back an moving today i m going to show you some pictures