Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! You have been a great audience! Ok, back to writing! I’ve been super beeeezy! (that’s not even a word)! But let me show you a couple of pictures of my “trip”. It was like a 2 or 3 day trip. ūüėõ lol. ¬† img_3939Look at that! We saw a REAL PLASTIC BEAR!!! In OUR CAMPING SITE! We have a trailer that we use for camping and so we drove down to organ (which wasn’t TOO LONG of a drive) (ya right, Mom) and so we stayed there for like two days. I’m in a good mood right now. Ha! :D. I need to go. AGAIN! when ever I get peace, I aways have to go to dinner or something! I’m not¬†even hungry! Goodbye!!!!


Day….. 7……….?

Ok this is probably going to be another short diary entry. Like about 2 more sentences. Sorry! It’s almost bedtime and I’m hungry so I need to get a snack. Then if I have extra time I’ll probably put more in here. Oh its 7:10 I really need to get a snack. I’m so sorry diary! Good night/bye!

Day 5! 6 maybe…..? I don’t know….

Whatever day it is, I DON’T CARE! Ok but seriously I got to go! I know, I know, I just started! But I’m in a big hurry because I need to get to….. well STUFF! Moms going to KILL ME if i don’t get my room cleaned! OK super quick I’m going to give you the GOOD things and the BAD things.

  1. GOOD THING: ¬† ¬† McKenna and Caroline are coming in a week and like, 2 days! ҆Q√č√č√č√č√č√č√č! IM SO, WELL, HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYY!
  2.  GOOD THING: I got a new dress! YAHOOOOO!
  4. ¬†BAD THING: Mom ordered this dress and its shawl is like….. SHAWLY! In a BAD way!


Anyways, I don’t care. there’s more like one bad thing than 2 ūüėÄ yay! OK I REALLLLLY NEEEEEED TO GOOOOOOOOOOO√ė! GOOOOOO√ĒOOOODBYEEEE!

Day 6.

Day 6. 94 more days to go. I think. I don’t really know. Probably not, but I don’t care. I’m having fun. Well, mostly. McKenna (not my friend or cousin) Wait…. I have not told you about my sisters name. There’s Me (Age 9), McKenna (Age 8) And mom. (Age 42). OK let me get to the part about McKenna. Ok, let my start from Well, mostly. Ok here we go. Well, mostly. McKenna keeps coming into my room and starts making these STUPID faces over this book. (My diary). And so I have to shoo her away. Which is not ANY peace AT ALL.¬†Humph! I share a room with her, and so I really don’t have much space. At least¬†Mom is like, right next-door and so I can tell her that McKenna is “pestering” me. Like at night. And during the day. And anytime. I keep missing days of writing in this diary, and so I might have this entry SUPER LONG. Or I might end it right now. i don’t care. Be back soon.

Ok I’m back! Just wanted to surf the web. ūüôā . ¬†Be back soon! (Again)

¬† Great news! Mom just ordered a sleeping bag for me! Woods, here I come! I’m probably going to go camping after I get the sleeping bag. She says it will come in 4 days. SQEEEEEEE! (That was me sqeeeeling) Im super excited! Have to stop writing. Mom wants me to come and eat. ¬†Goodbye!

Day 5 I think…… yes


I do not know what to do. I can say how I feel in one word. BOOOOOOOOORED¬†! I really need to just……… CHILLAX! is that a word? I don’t even care. one thing. I know i said that I wouldn’t write down my “day”? Well, I technically ¬†just did. Other than school, I really just sat in my room doing nothing but sitting there. I really don’t know how I sat there for that long. I was kind of in a daze. Why? Because I have an assignment from school about this long: Continue reading

Day 4- Nov. 6

Ok, I admit it. Mom, your right. This is pretty fun writing down this stuff. One thing is that I’m going to miss a few days of writing. Ok random thing. I’m going to put down like a trillion pictures!

YAY! Ok, I’ll tell you who these people are. Top left is a picture of McKenna and I, (She’s that friend I was talking about) and then on the top right is a picture of me! And then the picture on the very bottom is………. what the heck…? Is that a picture of a lady on the edge of a cliff about to fall of while doing yoga? I’m going crazy! OK IM JUST GOING TO PUT DOWN ONE MORE PICTURE! This is my favorite game picture:

The game I like is called Animal Jam. That game is awesome! My cousins Caroline and McKenna (Not the friend, the cousin! How many times do i have to tell you!) Anyways, I need to go. I’m having a playdate with a friend of mine. Her name is Kirsten.animaljam_1

Day 3- Friday Nov. 4


Hmm…. what should I write today. I really can’t believe its the 4 of Nov. today! I might put some videos on YouTube or make a doll movie. That would be fun! Oh, and by the way I got a YouTube account yesterday! and more good news… my cousins are coming for Thanksgiving! Their names are Caroline and another McKenna! And my friend McKenna (NOT the same McKenna) is coming to! and guess what…. their all 9 years olds! Well, one is not. She’s one of my cousins. She’s 11. But still! Not a big deal that’s she’s two years older than me! I’m so just……. EXCITED! Im so HAPPY I’m going to put a picture down! Wait… Mom does not want me using the computer right now because my sis is using it and I need the computer to print a picture out! DUH. Ok I need to stop writing or my hands are going to hurt for……….. FOREVER! Goodnight and Goodbye!