Day 1!

Dear diary…… this is my first entry of this blank book full of………. 188 pages. UHG! that will last me about… 100 days. GRRRRR i wish my would give me a book full of my favorite book, Sign of the Doll. Maybe i should start with my day today. I mean, what else is there for a doll to do? maybe i should watch TV…. I’ll be right back. ———————-

OK VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY wait whats “very” mean? blehh I need to shake that weird word out of my brain!!! were was i? oh ya… VERY bad idea to ask Juliet (aka Mom) to watch TV! Why?  BECUSE I ALREADY WACHED TV FOR 8 HOURS YESTERDAY! I know right? She gave me a time limit to watch TV AND a timer! what else could go wrong? i mean, I’m already in fourth grade…… BUT GUESS WHAT HAPPEND! THE TIMER BATTERIES WENT OUT! I know right? WHAT KIND OF A TIMER HAS BATTERIES? now adays people use their phones! and so, i ended up watching TV for 8 HOURS! It actually turned out pretty good. OTHER THAN THE FACT IM STUCK IN MY ROOM AND GROUNDED FOR 8 HOURS! So thats how i got to writing  in the big book full of 186 BLANK PAGES. I have to go eat dinner. Goodnight!


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