First blog post ever!

Hello! this is my first blog in my life and I’m hoping to make this into an American Girl doll blog for a little while. (probably till I grow out of American Girl dolls). Let me give you the details……. The blog is going to be on the dolls perspective of life. The doll that I’m featuring is Samantha Parkington and she is a Beforever doll and is from 1902. here is a picture of Samantha: yes, it probably is not the best picture I’ve taken of her but its the best I’ve got LOL. So what I mean by “on the dolls perspective” means in their “little world” they have games like “Dollcraft” or “clash of dolls” and so im sort of making their world on this blog. By the way, the doll on the front picture is McKenna the gymnastic girl from 2012. I really hope you guys enjoy this blog and its pictures! 4Ameliagraceimg_0571


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