Day 2!

Day 2. 99 more days to go. I’m still not really happy about this diary thing but I have to admit, its pretty addicting . I wonder if my friend McKenna has a diary to. I have singing practice today. I’m going to have to leave at 4:00 tonight. On Saturdays singing practice is at 10:00 am. One thing that I know is that McKenna is much busier than me. She got to do gymnastics for 3 hours EACH DAY! I know right? Its crazy. So when I think busy, I think McKenna and Taylor Swift. Hey, I bet Taylor Swift is super busy to! anyhow I’m blabing all this random “busy” stuff when singing practice is not even busy! I’m going to ask mom if i can set up a YouTube acount right now. I’m bored. WAIT. i need to write down my day! DUH! Ok Body, let’s get to work! Plastic hands! Get in your position! TODAY NEWS: Lunch was yummy. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You know what? I’m just going to write down the things i want to write. Not about my “day”  necessarily, but doodles to. no, pictures! awesome. and maybe even tapes that i can stick in here! oh, i have to go. bye!


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