Day 3- Friday Nov. 4


Hmm…. what should I write today. I really can’t believe its the 4 of Nov. today! I might put some videos on YouTube or make a doll movie. That would be fun! Oh, and by the way I got a YouTube account yesterday! and more good news… my cousins are coming for Thanksgiving! Their names are Caroline and another McKenna! And my friend McKenna (NOT the same McKenna) is coming to! and guess what…. their all 9 years olds! Well, one is not. She’s one of my cousins. She’s 11. But still! Not a big deal that’s she’s two years older than me! I’m so just……. EXCITED! Im so HAPPY I’m going to put a picture down! Wait… Mom does not want me using the computer right now because my sis is using it and I need the computer to print a picture out! DUH. Ok I need to stop writing or my hands are going to hurt for……….. FOREVER! Goodnight and Goodbye!


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