Day 4- Nov. 6

Ok, I admit it. Mom, your right. This is pretty fun writing down this stuff. One thing is that I’m going to miss a few days of writing. Ok random thing. I’m going to put down like a trillion pictures!

YAY! Ok, I’ll tell you who these people are. Top left is a picture of McKenna and I, (She’s that friend I was talking about) and then on the top right is a picture of me! And then the picture on the very bottom is………. what the heck…? Is that a picture of a lady on the edge of a cliff about to fall of while doing yoga? I’m going crazy! OK IM JUST GOING TO PUT DOWN ONE MORE PICTURE! This is my favorite game picture:

The game I like is called Animal Jam. That game is awesome! My cousins Caroline and McKenna (Not the friend, the cousin! How many times do i have to tell you!) Anyways, I need to go. I’m having a playdate with a friend of mine. Her name is Kirsten.animaljam_1


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