Day 5 I think…… yes


I do not know what to do. I can say how I feel in one word. BOOOOOOOOORED ! I really need to just……… CHILLAX! is that a word? I don’t even care. one thing. I know i said that I wouldn’t write down my “day”? Well, I technically  just did. Other than school, I really just sat in my room doing nothing but sitting there. I really don’t know how I sat there for that long. I was kind of in a daze. Why? Because I have an assignment from school about this long:

AND I have to do it in ONE day! I’m like, WHAT the HECK! you seriously GOT to be KIDDING ME! Anyways, I just went to the dollrstore and got some christmas related stuff. Don’t blame me….. I just like Christmas time. Watch this……. <I- Can you see the Christmas tree? probably not. Sorry. I’m not good at stuff like that on paper. Ok did I say I would write down my “day” YES I DID! Ok brain, get to it! Wait….. My day was totally boring…. how can I write that down? WHATEVER! I’m just going to write down random stuff. just…. words…….. atlethatbetyoumegoodbadquickheadfreebreejackmacklack…… NEVERMIND! I’m just going to do something random……. I’m going to make a list of what I like since I’m so bored.

Faves:            Age 9

  1. My fave food to eat:                        Hot chocolate
  2. My fav thing to do:                   Sing
  3. My fave place to go:              Disney world/land/park
  4. My fave game:                         Animal Jam


Ok thats good. I really need to do something. Other than write. My hands are tired. Wait. One more thing. I need to write a message to my 18-year-old self. I’m so random.


Dear 18 year-old Me,

If you are reading this now this diary is probably not burnt to the ground. Good Job Me. One thing I want to say. If someone else is reading this GET THE HECK OUT OF MY DIARY! Thank you. This diary is not available this moment. Please check back later. Thank you. Ok self your probably laughing right now your crying. SO PLEASE STOP. I’m not a little kid you know.                                   love, 9 year-old Me



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