Day 6.

Day 6. 94 more days to go. I think. I don’t really know. Probably not, but I don’t care. I’m having fun. Well, mostly. McKenna (not my friend or cousin) Wait…. I have not told you about my sisters name. There’s Me (Age 9), McKenna (Age 8) And mom. (Age 42). OK let me get to the part about McKenna. Ok, let my start from Well, mostly. Ok here we go. Well, mostly. McKenna keeps coming into my room and starts making these STUPID faces over this book. (My diary). And so I have to shoo her away. Which is not ANY peace AT ALL. Humph! I share a room with her, and so I really don’t have much space. At least Mom is like, right next-door and so I can tell her that McKenna is “pestering” me. Like at night. And during the day. And anytime. I keep missing days of writing in this diary, and so I might have this entry SUPER LONG. Or I might end it right now. i don’t care. Be back soon.

Ok I’m back! Just wanted to surf the web. 🙂 .  Be back soon! (Again)

  Great news! Mom just ordered a sleeping bag for me! Woods, here I come! I’m probably going to go camping after I get the sleeping bag. She says it will come in 4 days. SQEEEEEEE! (That was me sqeeeeling) Im super excited! Have to stop writing. Mom wants me to come and eat.  Goodbye!


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