Day… um…. wait a second…?

I really need to find out what day it is. LOL 100 days from now I won’t even know what day it is. This diary is like a calendar. I’m so excited for Christmas! I know what I’m going to get for Kirsten and Mom. I’m getting Mom a shall, and I’m getting Kirsten a iPad holder. Our house is getting cleaned up today. You can tell I’m not excited about that :(. Dads watching a football game right now. I haven’t really told you about Dad. He likes watching the Seahawks games. Once in a while, I like to sit and watch the game with him. I’m thinking of maybe playing Animal Jam on my computer. I’ll ask mom. Be right back. —————– YAY! Mom said YES! But she said I have to read for 30 minutes before 😦 . Great. Oh well, at least I can finish my fave book Doll Diaries! Sqeee! 🙂 I got some NEW ICE SKATES TODAY! OK, if I’m going to play Animal Jam, id better get reading! Goodbye! That was short.


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