I REALLY need to write in it more often! DO YOU THINK SO? LOL HUH? HUH, SMARTY? 😛

But listen; I have great news!!! So, i might have not told you this yet, but KCMT is a musical organization. It stands for Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater. I know, I know. IM (out of all the kids in this state) GOING OT BE IN IT. Well, I love to sing, right? Look! Ill pa-rove it y’all! img_0986

This is McKenna and I singing!! BTW, i really want to see her again. 😀 .  DUH! I haven’t told you about the name of the musical!! Last fall they (KCMT) did Elf JR. The Musical. Or just Elf. Anyways, I gotta to tell you the name!! It’s The Wizard Of Oz! SQUEEEEEE!! I know, right? AND a friend of mine (her name is Riley) is in it to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH YA BABY! What the….!! OMG be right back… my mom is screaming!! I hope she’s ok.. Well, its probably a spider.


BACK!! It’s a spider. My mom is ANTI-SPIDER! Seriously! One time one of my friends  played a trick on her with a plastic spider. That didn’t go well. AND what actually makes me mad at my mom, is that that “spider” DIDN’T even look realistic!!!! Like, it was totally plastic! I gotta go becuz this is the ONLY HOUR OF THE DAY that i get to play games on the phone/computer. BYYYE!!


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