Ok….. if you read the last post, you will know what I’m talking about now.

Ok! Onward bound! I will tell you the whole story::::::::::::::::::


By the way ignore all those thingies whatever they are called up there.




When My sister left, I started to talk to my mom. “Hey mom?” And then my moms like, “yes” And I’m like, “Did you know Olive– UGH! I mean, Olivia has been hijacking my blog?” My mom just stared at me. “Oh honey! What did she say?” Let me tell you one thing. Moms are NOSEY sometimes. But i know in this case she was trying to help. “Well, she said our address and what she like to do which says she “likes to hijack her sisers blog” . And her name. Which she spelled wrong. She spelled it like O-l-i-v-e. But my mom wasn’t listening. “She did WHAT?!” My mom practically screamed. “We could be robbed now!” Ok, maybe she was over reacting, but i still knew that was bad. I just ran to my room. *End of story* (My pointer finger hurts. Wait. HOW does it hurt if I’m made of plastic?!) (Oh well.)


I gonna have to put a lock on my blog.

I JUST……. UGH UGH UGH. MY. SISTER. EVERYONE WHO READ THAT: INFORMATION: THAT WAS NOT ME. THAT WAS MY SISTER OLIVA– I mean, Olivia. UGH. I going to tell on her. About her being on my blog and other stuff 😡 I’m going up to my moms room and telling her RIGHT NOW. Im going upstairs. I’m hiding because my sister is WITH my mom and if she finds out what I’m posting/posted, i might get in more trouble than HER! Gonna talk to my mom. Be right back 😟 Wish me luck!

Hi everyone!

Guess what? I hi jacking my sisers blog right now!!! Let me tell you about myself:

adrees: 00000000 lane in barbie land

name: oliva pakngton

favrite thing to du: hi jacking my sisers blog

i love all this stuff

oliva pakngton


This is what happened today: My sister HIJACKED MY BLOG! I KNOW! SHE. HIJACKED. MY. BLOG. I mean, she plays pranks on me ALL THE TIME like putting toothpaste on the toilet seat and stupid stuff like that, but I would have NEVER imagined that she would HIJACK my blog! MY blog! I know, right?! UGH. NOW THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO SEE EVERYTHING SHE PUT ON THERE WHICH INCLUDES EVERYTHING DOWN BELOW:

  1. put my email address
  2. told the world everything possible
  3. and too much more

Wait… WHY am i writing a blog post of what she did? everyone knows that already…. duh


Summer is coming soon! And for me (us) that means that I (me) is changing the blog! It’s all about the peanuts characters and what happens in THEIR day. Here’s a sample:


That blockhead Charlie Brown! This is what happened today:

Photo on 3-19-17 at 7.26 PM.jpg



Awesome sample! More later  😀