Ok….. if you read the last post, you will know what I’m talking about now.

Ok! Onward bound! I will tell you the whole story::::::::::::::::::


By the way ignore all those thingies whatever they are called up there.




When My sister left, I started to talk to my mom. “Hey mom?” And then my moms like, “yes” And I’m like, “Did you know Olive– UGH! I mean, Olivia has been hijacking my blog?” My mom just stared at me. “Oh honey! What did she say?” Let me tell you one thing. Moms are NOSEY sometimes. But i know in this case she was trying to help. “Well, she said our address and what she like to do which says she “likes to hijack her sisers blog” . And her name. Which she spelled wrong. She spelled it like O-l-i-v-e. But my mom wasn’t listening. “She did WHAT?!” My mom practically screamed. “We could be robbed now!” Ok, maybe she was over reacting, but i still knew that was bad. I just ran to my room. *End of story* (My pointer finger hurts. Wait. HOW does it hurt if I’m made of plastic?!) (Oh well.)


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