OK SISSY. YOUR BLOGGING CAREER IS DONE! How can I basicly LIBE!? I mean, live. What does libe mean? Brb gonna check it out. DUH. I think it’s a type-out. BACK TO MY SISTER. HEY YOU. SISTER. I KNOW YOUR WATCHING OVER MY SHOULDER. BUG OUT. Bye bye. I think she has learned her lesson, but I’m not sure. What happened was that she went to bed without supper. I’m like, “THAT IS TOTALLY USELESS! TALK ABOUT LEARNING A LESSON. GEEZ.”. Anyways, I’m gonna try to do a blog post everyday saying to my sister DO NOT TRESSPASS MY BLOG YOU BLOCKHEAD. Anyways, I gotta go. BUG OUT SISSY. Grrrr. Byeeeeee


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