Happy Halloween!



Hello peeps! Humans! Peeps reading this! I’m Samantha, and in a few days, it will be Halloween! YES! I KNOW! HALLOWEEN! And I’m pretty excited! What are you going to be for Halloween, fellow dollies out there?

I love doing this:


What are

What are you

What are you going

What are you going to

What are you going to be

What are you going to be for

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Well, I’m going to be…


I don’t really know, actually. McKenna is going to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Logan is going to be a magical dude. A magical dude. What a way to put it.

I should go as another Harry Potter character. Then Logan could be Harry or something.

I’d be moaning Myrtle or something because I look like her more than any of the other characters.

Then Julie could be Luna.

Then some doll could be Ginny.

I’m going to hand this over to Logan.




Hey BRO. It’s Logan. Bro.

This is a post about Halloween, if you didn’t guess. Samantha talked about costumes, and I will be talking about decorations. Other than costumes, the decorating is my favorite part of Halloween. But they are super CREEEEEPY. Like, I don’t want a creepy cackling monster thing in my bedroom! They give me the CREEPS. Burrr….. Zaneeta’s with me though. She doesn’t like anything creepy or gory. She likes leaves and sweaters. (But I don’t like the sweaters she makes. THEYRE SO ITCHY)

I decorated to dollhouse for Halloween this year! I was super fun, bro.

Like, there were so many spiders to hang up. 😈

I totally did not hang the most in the girls’s room.



Ok I DID sorry Samantha and Zaneeta AND McKenna.

I have so many sisters. Speaking of I’ve spent to much time writing this and my hands are getting TIRED so here, Zaneeta.


Hello, hello! I’m Zaneeta, the sister of Samantha and Logan up there. (I saw your comment, LOGAN.) And I’m currently chasing Logan around the room demanding him to take back his words. (See above) (I crossed it out) If you don’t know what the little nasty comment was then read it again on Logan’s section.

Ok, too much about Logan. This post is about Halloween! My favorite Halloween activity Is carving the pumpkins. I love the look of pumpkins. Carving them is my favorite part. Last year my family made a snoopy pumpkin. I’m sketching out my ideas for making a new pumpkin idea. Samantha thinks we should do a Harry Potter pumpkin, but Logan thinks we should do a HEY BRO! pumpkin. I think we should do a Peanuts ‘Linus’ pumpkin. What should we do this year?

Thanks for reading,

Zaneeta ♡




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