The Night of Halloween


Hey humans. Itttt’s SAMANTHA! And most of you guys should know today’s halloween. Halloween is like, the best time of the year! Other than Christmas. You get to be anyone you want for a couple hours.

For me, it’s Ray from Star Wars.


So of course I’m super excited for tonight. Plus, the candy is fun to collect. My favorite candy is Crunch and Trolli Sour Bites or whatever. Or Sour Patch kids. I don’t like that name. It sounds gross. Like, what about those little dolls called the Cabbage Patch Kids? I wouldn’t want to eat THEM.


Sorry for discussing this.

It’s pretty gross actually.

So what’s your favorite candy?


Hey BROS. And more BROS. Out there. Reading this.

BTW Samantha my fav. candy is probably fun dip.

But you want to know something disgusting gross?


Yes, you probably don’t know what i’m talking about. Look. At. This.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 8.26.19 AM.png

It’s terrible when your craving candy and you’re looking through this line, and you see Tamales. It TOTALLY destroys your crave. Look it up for yourself! Look up, “List of candy” and google will do the rest.

Samantha: Logan, we gotta go.

Sorry guys. We’re heading out for tricks or treats!


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