Writing Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone!

It’s Amelia


BUT here I am, and today I am going to be posting a post about WRITING TIPS AND TRICKS!

Now, I am definitely not a professional writer. But I am currently writing a book, and sometime soon I will share some of it on my blog!

And I’m pretty serious on it. I am sure I will finish and publish it. I’ve had many projects and never exactly finished them, (including other stories) but this will be something published. I am at chapter ten. I will write about 20 short chapters then find somebody to publish it!


SOO after that commercial, let’s get started with some tips!


A few ideas of what I mean:

  1. I BEFORE EEEE! I always get mixed up and piece turns out peice. Or something.

2.  NO RUN ON SENTENCES! I absolutely HATE run on sentences and all those types of grammar things that have to be fixed especially like all the ones with no commas and all that stuff

3. Do NOT use the word “stuff!”. It sounds terrible and odd.

4. After every time a character speaks, the next word after that is never capitalized.


“Why are you sneezing?” asked John.        ⃪ Right

“Why are you sneezing?” Asked John        ⃪ WRONG!

Matter of a fact, spellcheck usually capitalizes that. Always change it!


Cool sentences to edit and put in a story or novel:

It was a cold, dreary dark day as Beatrix walked slowly and unhappily to her aunt’s house.


Mia was a bubbly, bright, and sunny girl, who always made a friend.


One more thing:

Take this sentence from above:


Mia was a bubbly, bright, and sunny girl, who always made a friend.        ⃪Right

Mia was a bubbly, bright, and sunny girl, and always made a friend.        ⃪Wrong


Always use who when you are talking about a person.



Thank you for reading! Have a good day and enjoy some writing!


Amelia Grace 😀




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