The first chapter

Hello, as you’ve read in my last post, I had said I was writing a book! I am hoping to actually get it published. This is a VERY, VERY VERY rough draft of the first chapter.




The escape

 July 20-23, 1900

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” said Piper in a hushed whisper. Piper was running away from her terrible hollow, Pinella in search for a land called Tisily. She was traveling with her other friend, Adelaide. They both absolutely hated her home in the mansion. Her mother and father had both died of a terrible rabbit named Bunnylina, and so had Adelaide’s. Piper and Adelaide had been packing earlier that day, and now they were ready to leave. Earlier that day, during the village’s shopping hour, so much dust was being kicked up it was finally settling. When the village was like that, everyone complained. It sounded like a hive of bees buzzing their way through their home. From the outside, the village looked friendly. Flowers and wheat everywhere- the perfect fairytale village. Alas, the rabbits were not as friendly as the village looked. Thankfully, Piper and Adelaide didn’t have to walk through that. 

Their plan was to tip-toe through the corridor mansion, and climb out the always-open window. What they hadn’t thought of, was that what if the window wasn’t open? Well, they didn’t know. “Piper!!” Adelaide said. “Shush, can’t you?” the other said. “Piper, what if the window isn’t open??” Piper obviously hadn’t thought of that. “Well, if the…. I don’t really know.. Maybe go back up-.” “Oh my goodness Piper… SHHH!” Adelaide heard a door creak. “Adelaide, hide!” Adelaide hid beneath one of the old, dusty chairs in the library, for they were in the library. Piper hid beneath a bookshelf, which, unfortunately was not taken good care of. If they had been in another room, then it might have not been so hard to try to hide. The library was a small, blank room with a few rows of shelves, and only 3 chairs. Somebody DID come in the room, although Piper couldn’t tell. Adelaide could though.“Oh my goodness!” Adelaide mouthed to Piper. “It’s Dr. Wolaby!

Piper peeked up, and sure enough, there standing in his nightgown, was Dr. Wolaby. Dr. Wolaby was an old, fat bunny who knew Piper and Adelaide’s mothers and fathers. He, of course was one of the nicest people Piper and Adelaide knew. Piper slid out beneath her couch, and poor Wolaby jumped in fright! “Oh! A ghost!” and this scared Adelaide, who was very afraid of ghosts, and made her yelp in surprise! “Dr. Wolaby, is that you?” Piper asked. “Well I’ll be a brown-eyed bunny! Why are you-…” “SHH! Please..” Said Piper. “Oh, sorry…!” Adelaide had been watching this whole time and said, “Um, please make sure you don’t sit on me, ok? I’m going to get out of here..” she said in a soft voice, for she felt it needed at this moment. “Why are you two out this late? I heard a noise and- Oh, are you running away? I’m sorry….!” Adelaide and Piper looked at each other. “Can you help us escape? They both said in a whisper. “By Polly I will!” Dr. Wolaby rarely said things right. “Umm, can you try to be just a little bit quieter?” Adelaide asked. “Sorry,” Dr. Wolaby whispered. “It’s just… sad you two are leaving. I’ve watched you grow up so fast and-…..” he looked softly at the bunnies. “Yes, I will help you two escape.” 

As they crept through the house, the clock chimed 1:00. Adelaide yawned. Their journey took about 10 minutes to get through the mansion, for, as you know, mansions are very big. The only obstacle they faced was getting through the big looming door in the hallway connecting it to the cement stairs. “At least it’s not wood,” Adelaide whispered to Piper. For it would be very creaky, and Lord and Lady Gardener would call their guards and find Piper, and we would not have the chance to run away. Also, what would happen to dear Dr. Wolaby?” All too quickly, she realized that they had traveled out the door, through the hallway, down the stairs, and to were they were to go on their own. “Well,” Said Dr. Wolaby. “I guess this is were I leave you two…” He gave them a hug. Adelaide sniffed. “I will miss you….” She said. “I wish we didn’t have to leave you… You’re like family…” Said Piper. The two turned and slipped out the window into the night sky, not knowing where to go, find food, get a job, or sleep. And who knows about wolves?

Their first day was the trickiest. The two bunnies were worried about shelter, food, water, and other needs. Though those were important, that was not what they were most worried about. “What will we do about the bunny?” For they had found a baby bunny in the woods, soon after they had departed from the mansion. The bunny had not only just been sitting  in the woods, but crying. The girls had heard her (It was a girl bunny), and unsurprisingly, Piper had told Adelaide to stop walking and help her find that noise. They didn’t know where they exactly were going, but they did know one thing- they were not going back to the mansion. “Oh, can we stop now?” said Adelaide. “MAY we?” Replied Piper. “Sure, MAY WE stop now?” “And for what?” “To rest.” Both of them didn’t know where they were going and when. They just walked north, away from the mansion. Piper, Adelaide, and Noel (The name they had named the bunny) had been just sleeping under a few leaves, which did not warm them, but helped. Life wasn’t that hard, considering where they came from, and Piper, Adelaide, and little Noel thought so too. 

At least right then. The terrible night came on the 22 of July. Just a week ago they had left on the 15th. Even though they were on the lookouts for wolves, wolves can be VERY sneaky, especially in the night. The bunnies had made a fire that night, for the first time. Piper had lots of experience making fires in the mansion’s fireplaces. Fires are easy to tell when started. But nobunny knows when the wolves are going to strike. “Stop right there, carrot face.” A deep voice said. Adelaide froze. 

 Suddenly the wolf grabbed her. “PI-.” She yelled. The wolf had covered her mouth with cloth that smelled like slobber and blood. Adelaide gagged. Luckily, Piper had heard Adelaide‘s half-scream and ran over. She froze, just like Adelaide did. Fortunately, Piper had quick reflexes. She bounced off a tree, and flew towards the wolf’s face, one leg out, the other bent. She hit him in the face, square in the left eye. Suddenly he dropped Adelaide and Adelaide fell to the ground, hard. “Ouch!” Adelaide screamed. The wolf, now defeated, jumped on all fours an ran away. “Adelaide! Are you hurt?!” Adelaide was still on the ground. She coughed. “Yes- may you help me stand up?” In the mist of all this, Piper laughed a bit. Adelaide and her grammar skills. Little Noel was still sitting at the tree, sucking her paw. “Amazing.” Adelaide said. “We’ve got to get moving though.” Piper said, “Who knows if the whole army could attack, just to get a meal.”

That night they stayed awake. Piper and Adelaide thought that would be safer. Unfortunately, they were very tired in the morning. “Where are we even going, Piper?” Adelaide said. “Adelaide I have no idea. We’ve just got to-……” Suddenly she looked up. They had been hanging there heads from being tired. There, standing right in front of there eyes, was a road. A road with a sign. “What’s the sign say?” said Piper. “Blackville….?” “Really??,” said Piper “Blackville! Oh my goodness! Blackville! This is amazing!” Adelaide looked confused. Piper looked amused. “Well now I can see you’ve not been listening to my jabbering about Blackville!” Adelaide still looked confused. “THIS is the town my parents grew up in! So did yours!” Adelaide looked amazed. “Ok, so now do we go IN to this town? It looks sort of- creepy…” Piper look at her. “We’ve spent over a week in the forest with wolves, owls, foxes, and who knows what. And NOW your saying this town looks creepy?” Adelaide sighed. “Fine. Lets head in.” Piper was surprised Adelaide wasn’t surprised by how close they were to their parents’ town. Piper also was surprised at how-well- dirty it was. As they walked through the city gates, Piper realized Adelaide was right. It WAS kind of creepy. It smelled smokey. Every 10 or 20 feet there’s a street light. Through her fear, Piper lifted her head high, and walked into the city. It was dark, dingy, and gloomy. The rabbits had not been walking for more then 15 minutes when I voice came out of a dark ally way. “Betta watch yuh step. It can be… eh ha ha…. slipper-ie.” Piper and Adelaide froze. In front of them was this dark figure shaped like a hunchback. “Too bad we don’t have a lantern…” Piper whispered. “Shush! We are in danger if you don’t mind me reminding you!” Adelaide whisper-yelled as quietly as she could. “A lantern ya say?” The creepy figure whispered. Suddenly they looked up and a small but vibrant lantern floated down from the sky. It took about ten or twenty seconds to float down, but once it came to about head hight, it stopped. Suddenly the figure in the dark wasn’t in the dark anymore. They could fully see his body. Noel laughed and gurgled. Then she started to say, “Da da ummy! Da da ummy!” 

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