Amazing news!!!!

I cannot believe it-





Now you are wondering what is SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING!

I was at the AG doll store with one of my friends. We had hosted an AG party to just celebrate the Christmas season (and a little of my birthday 😀 I am so grateful). My dad had a 30$ gift card from AG because he was a Berry Member with AG. (Thank you, American Girl!!!)  Along with that, he had a second coupon. So I was thinking on how to spend it. My dad had suggested an American Girl doll. Now, I was not even thinking about getting anything there, (because I like to save my money) and so I was kind of shocked. But with all the coupons together- an new AG doll would be 50$.

Now, you just can’t pass up an opportunity like that. 50 DOLLARS FOR AN NEW AG DOLL!     So I thought about it during lunch, and finally made a decision.


Well, I think you know what decision I made. I bought my first Truly Me girl doll. It was amazing! She’s number 65.


Name: Jennifer Michelle Everett

Born: February 10, 2007.

Likes: Basketball (or any sport)

I am so truly blessed to have a fifth AG doll! Thank you to American Girl for the coupons and thank you for the amazing birthdayish things they provided!


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