Settling into the dollhouse+what I think of my new family

Hey everyone!

It’s Ginny.

And this blog post will be quite different then usual.

Because I’ll be writing it!

As you all know, (Or if you don’t, click ♥HERE!♥) I am the newest Everett. I love sports, (especially basketball) and Logan and I get along fairly well. (Except when I steal his clothes like his orange vest) Camping is one of my favorite things to do too. I love to hike and have an adventure.

I’ve been settling in fine, and my family’s awesome. I have the top bunk in Logan’s room, (now renovated because it was all pink and girly before) and above my bed a have a ton of posters. I don’t mind not sleeping in Zaneeta, McKenna, and Samantha’s room though, because there’s a lot of pink and up top on the top bunk it’s more quiet.

But what do I think of my family?

Well, Logan is certainly nice. Most of the time. Zaneeta is an amazing big sister, and she’s really kind! But Samantha… Let’s just say you certainly cannot find an Everett that is not feisty. But she is really awesome and loves to play soccer or do gymnastics with me. McKenna is the youngest, but she’s really generous and we both love to read the same books.

But I love my new family and I am so entirely blessed! I can’t wait to go on my first road trip too!

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