Happy Birthday, GINNY

Hi guys! It was my bday today yesterday!

I had so much fun. Well, actually you’d think I wouldn’t have fun at the place we went BUT I thought it was fun.

I went to an RV show with my human, Amelia! It was really fun.

I looove camping so it was super awesome looking at trailers and motorhomes and tents and all that stuff. They even had a camping tent that you could set up on TOP of your car!

Then we went home and I had some cupcakes and celebrated with my fam. (My human’s parents wouldn’t let her make mini doll cupcakes, so Zaneeta stopped at the grocery store. Heh heh heh, Zaneeta’s so awesome.)

Thanks for reading. I had SUCH A FUN TIME!

See ya’ll soon


Luv, Ginny




My b

My bi

My bir

My birt

My birth

My birthd

My birthda

My birthday

My birthday w

My birthday wa

My birthday was

My birthday was y

My birthday was ye

My birthday was yes

My birthday was yest

My birthday was yeste

My birthday was yester

My birthday was yesterd

My birthday was yesterda

My birthday was yesterday

My birthday was yesterday!






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