AYAYAYAYYAYYA I am so excited to announce I am doing a summer AGMV! (American Girl movie!) It’s still a stop motion, but just a really long one.

To know what I’m talking about, check out this trailer. I didn’t create it, but it’s a super awesome stop motion done by a pretty amazing AGTuber.



SO! Back to my point, I am creating something like this. OF COURSE, IT’S DEFIANTLY not 35 minutes long, but I am hoping to create maybe a 10 min stop motion.


AUGH! I just realized I haven’t told you what I am going to be doing! It’s going to be 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass. It is such an awesome book. It’s sort of older (copyright 2009) but it doesn’t really make a difference. Sooo now I am just taking the book and creating it into a screenplay format! Here’s a sample…..





Leo’s mom: Dark curly hair in a low pony 

Amanda’s Mom: blonde with a running suit 

Angelina D’Angelo: duck-shaped birthmark, small, swift , old, in a hospital gown 

Leo’s Dad: same as him 

Amanda’s dad: blonde hair? 

Angelina walking down a hospital hall

Show volunteer badge 

Stopped in front of a nursery window 

Press her hands against the glass 

Looking for the right baby 

Show baby Amanda and Leo 

Have their moms and dads come down the hall way 

Not have them notice Angelina 

Leo’s mom: Which one’s yours?

Amanda’s mom: That one. She’s our second. We have a two-year-old at home. 

Leo’s mom: She’s precious. 

Points to Leo 

Leo’s mom: That one’s ours. He’s our first. 

Angelina: What have you decided to name them? 

Leo’s mom: Leo. After my husbands great-great-grandfather, Leo Fitzpatrick. 

Amanda’s mom: That’s funny. We’re naming Amanda after my husbands great great grandmother, Amanda Ellerby. 

Dads look at each other 

Angelina: Being born of the same day is very special. I believe Amanda and Leo will be best of friends. You will be sure to celebrate the day together every year, no? 

Looking at each other, not meaning it 

Leo’s mom: oh, yeah 

Amanda’s mom: um sure ok 

Angelina: A very wise decision. (nod) blessings to you all. 

Angelina leaves 

Amanda’s father: that was strange 

Leo’s father: Angelina’s an odd one. But I’m sure you know that. She’s lived in willow falls forever. 

Both A’s mom and dad shake heads 

Amanda’s mom: We just moved to town. 

Amanda’s father: My parents used to live her, but my they moved before I was born. We really don’t know anyone. 

Amanda’s mom: Well, we’d better get going. 

Leo’s mom: us too. Good luck with little Amanda!

Amanda’s mom: Thank you! You too, with Leo. 


Ten years ago- Mr. Mcallister’s magic castle birthday party palace




Dollar Bill 🙂

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