Why You Need to Read the Book: Flunked


Willkommen zurück to another “Why You Need to Read the Book:”! In these short and sweet posts, I tell you about my favorite middle grade books and why you need to read them.

Flunked is an amazing book written by Jen Calonita with plenty of exciting battles, mysteries, and most of all, friendship. (And working together. Mostly.) So far, there are six books written already in this series. (And two books in the Royal Academy Rebels series. Later in both series they merge, I’m pretty sure.)

When Gillian Cobbler gets sentenced to Fairy Tale Reform school after getting caught at stealing, she had no idea what an adventure she would have.

But before she got sentenced, she was still living with her five younger brothers and sisters and parents in an old, run down boot in the village of Enchantasia, which is ruled by the four princesses, Rose, (Sleeping beauty) Rapunzel, Snow White, and Cinderella. (That city name took me quite a couple google searches to find out the spelling. How did Jen Calonita do it?!)  Gilly’s thievery is both her attempt to help her family as well as her revenge against the unfair caste system.

But when she gets caught, she’s on her way to Fairytale Reform School. But Fairy Tale Reform School is not all it seems. It is taught by former villains, like Headmistress Flora (Cinderella’s *evil* stepmother) Professor Wolfington (Yes, Red Riding Hood’s wolf) and Professor Harlow. (the Evil Queen.) Gillian’s stay at Fairytale Reform school is sure to be exciting.

This book is filled with mystery and magic. It is the kind of book setting you wish you lived in!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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