Why You Need To Read The Book: Little Women

This time in the “Why You Need To Read The Book” category, I’m going to be writing about my favorite book of all times: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg

Little Women is a story about four girls, Meg March, a sixteen year old girl, Jo March, a fifteen year old writer, Beth March, a thirteen year old piano player, and Amy March, a twelve year old artist. They live during the time of the civil war in Concord, Massachusetts. Their father, Mr. March is a doctor, caring for the abolitionist soldiers. Unfortunately, they do not have much money and Meg, Jo, and Marmee, their mother, have to work to to support the family.

Then Mr. March contracts Scarlett fever, and Marmee has to leave the girls at home. Thankfully, their neighbor, Mr. Lawrence, helps the girls while their mother is away and jo forms a strong friendship with Mr. Lawrence’s grandson, Laurie.

This is such a heart-warming and funny tale about four sisters. It is surprisingly easy to read even though written in the 1800s. Five stars out of five!

Additionally, there are so many movies/tv series that have the plot of little women, not to mention graphic novel re-tellings, although the graphic novels are based in modern times and are not exactly my favorite. Although that and the 2019 movie are a whole knew topic! Maybe I’m too old fashioned. One of my favorite TV series, however, is free on Amazon Prime, and you can watch it right here:

I hope you enjoyed this “Why You Need To Read The Book”! Ill see you next time with more blogging!

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