Meet the dolls

Hello! I’m going to show you the dolls.

This is the “lead” character Samantha. She is the one who writes in the diary which is the blog.


And here is a picture of McKenna (Samantha’s friend not cousin)

And a picture of Juliet (Samantha’s Mom) is coming soon!

McKenna Brooks
Photo on 12-30-16 at 9.12 AM.jpg
Kit Kettridge

And this is Kit the newest doll in the family! she plays Kit as Samantha’s friend.

Photo on 12-30-16 at 9.25 AM.jpg
Juliet Roberts

And here is the thing you have been waiting for! Samantha’s Mom, Mom. 😛

Photo on 12-30-16 at 9.27 AM #2.jpg
Brandon Brown

And this is Brandon, Samantha’s friend.