Hey yah guys! 🙂 It’s Dollar Bill, (AKA Amelia :D) and I have done a MUCH better face on Zaneeta. I mean, I have to tell you, I did a terrible job on her face last time. I was kinda stressed out, because I really didn’t know what I was gonna do AFTER I took the paint and pen off her lips. Well, it kinda still stayed on her, and so it was ORANGE. IMG_0056

(As seen in this humongous  picture……!)

So YES, I did not do the best job ever LOL. Thanks for the input, BTW. I love being able to share some of my creations with everyone! 😀 So, as I said in the beginning, I fixed her face! Below is the picture of her NEW face! (That sounds SO weird……….!!!!)

Photo on 3-17-18 at 12.57 PM.jpg

OK that was not the best picture because I took it on my computer, but whatever. 😛

It’s not the best, but its ALOT better. Please go ahead and comment! I will not be offended if you say it doesn’t look good LOL. Part of her TEETH actually got scraped away in the process 🤣🤣🤣🤣 AND one eyebrow! 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for reading! 😀


~Dollar Bill (AKA Amelia )


UUUH hi guys :)

Hello! I’m Zaneeta, the newest member of the Everett family.

One thing I hate that just came to my mind: Burning hot glue (P.U.!)

Below is my daily routine 😀

7:00 Wake up

7:10 Get out of bed

7:20 Get dressed

7:30 eat breakfast

Then until 8:00 I watch TV

8:00 Get on bus

8:30 arrive at school with Samantha and Logan AND McKenna

School till 4:00

Then I get home on bus

5:00 dinnertime

7:00 read

8:00 Bed


Daily Life Routine (Samantha)

Hi guys! (Classic) I have been wanting to write something like this out for a long time, and now is my chance!

7:00 Wake up

7:30 Stay in bed

8:00 Rush to get dressed

8:10 Eat breakfast

8:20 Bus for school

9:00 School

10:00 School

So on till 4;00

Get home at around 4;20

5;00 Dinner

8;00 Read or type

9:00 Bed

Thanks for reading! (CLASSIC AGIAN)


Big news!

I decided the name for the blog! 

The moment you have all been waiting for!I decided that I probably don’t have 10 followers, (Actually, I don’t really know LOL) so not too many people know about my blog, and if not too many people know about my blog, then not too many people can VOTE. (Plus I’m getting restless 🤨) So, go ahead and scroll below for the results! (Hah, you all probably already know what it is…) 



























Follow Your Inner Doll! votes:  Red

It’s a Big World! votes: Purple 

It’s a Small World After All! votes: Blue

Linden: I would call it Follow Your Inner Doll!

Rachel: I like the first one!

Vanamangirls:  like follow your inner doll best.

Kaylyn Grace:  Follow your inner doll!

💖Hope💖 @AGdolldreams: I like the second one!

M: Follow Your Inner Doll!!!!!!

Natalie Therese: I would do ”Follow Your Inner Doll”.
{Natalie Therese}


So, as you see, it looks like Follow Your Inner Doll! won!!!

I will change the blog name 🙂


Hey wuzzup guyz itz Logan, and I’m SUPER excited to share what I did all afternoon and morning. (Heh heh all morning I mostly just played Minecraft but whatever…) I went SKIING with Samantha! I had fun except for the time Samantha BUGGED me about going on the BLACK DIAMOND hill…………….. I won’t tell u if I did or not……….. I gotta go though…… SORRY! 😦 Bye guyz!!

Logan the Logan :O

Hello Hola whatever

Hey everyone, its Samantha! (Like I ALWAYS say 😛 ) I’m really bored right now. I kinda wanna get on my computer and play Minecraft. Actually, I always do. ANYWAYS… I am having fun right now. It snowed in Dollville, and so I’m SKIING right now. Logan is coming soon, so he probably will blog about his time.

I have to go though, because right now LOGAN IS PINCHING ME ON TH SHOULDER I really got to figure out what to do. So, bye guys! 😀

~Samantha 😛