Print out a template, front and back, and make sure it’s the right size. Cut out phone screen and back.

Then take a piece of cardboard, and trace the phone front, and cut out card board.

Hot glue phone front and back to the piece of cardboard. To finish it of, I usually put some tape on the front to make it smooth like a screen.

If you have clear sticky contact paper, you can use that too. The tape on the phone also makes it last longer.


This is how mine turned out:

Photo on 10-29-17 at 11.06 AM #3.jpgPhoto on 10-29-17 at 11.06 AM #4.jpgThese are really cute!



DIY American girl GALEXY Converse! (THREE STEPS!!)


THIS IS SOOO EASY! Make it in 15-30 mins!

What you need: White shoes (At Joanns or amazon)

Sharpies in galaxy colors

and rubbing alcohol and a Q tip (you could use your hand too)


  1. first, take the strings off.
  2. Now, get the sharpie and make some lines around the shoe, so to make the galaxy.
  3. Take the shoe and your Q tip (hand) and dip it in the alcohol, and rub it around the shoe. Let dry and your done!




AG Crop top



You need:

Hot glue


String cuz its for the straps

Lace (optional)

  1. Cut out a piece of fabric bigger than you need so you can hem it

Photo on 12-28-17 at 5.33 PM

Something like that 😛


2. Now hem all the edges with hot glue

3. Add the string! Make sure it fits the doll. Test it first.

4. then add lace (with glue)

Thanks for reading!