Historical Costuming/ sewing

Completed (except for the buttons) mens’ 1760-1780’s waistcoat!

Used materials: Linen, Wool


this is a very raw sneak peak at the colonial bodice I am making..

UPDATE: ok the pattern I used for this bodice… it just didn’t fit right.  Unfortunately. I did make a new bodice with a different pattern and it worked fine.

Here are the colonial stays I sewed. First attempt 😂

Used materials: Zips ties (boning) cotton, linen

here is the *attempted* Victorian Edwardian… corset thing I made! I have not put the busk in yet.

Materials used: Linen, zip ties

here is the medieval dress I made. This turned out very nicely.

Materials used: Linen

these are my best yet. This is my size pair of stays and they are really fun to wear. (I haven’t finished the grommets and the ribbing. I think it is called the rubbing, I can’t remember)

Materials used: Linen, grommets

Finished colonial dress ❤️

An Little Women inspired costume! Maybe Beth?
Materials used: