Logan random blog posts FYI these are re-blogs.

Hi guys. heres some totally random posts that i got from Molly C+T blog and Cherry cola


I’m not saying Logan smirks mockingly at people, I’m just saying that doll is smirking mockingly at me, right? 

His parents buy Lunchables.

And Sunny D.

And maybe Cheez Wiz?

If his name wasn’t Logan, it would have been Hunter. Or Kyler.


I understand this is supposed to be a country musician but I still kind of feel like on Myspace c. 2005 his favorite music would have been “anything but country lol.”



Hey! Yes me again! You guys should be happy cause I almost never do 2 posts in one day, but this is urgent! Tenney might actually have a boy in her collection. You Guys all know I’m super excited for Tenney, but I’m not excited for Logan. I don’t have the picture of him just his clothes and underwear. Here they are.

Ugh. I really hope AG doesn’t do this to me. Even though his little boxers are cracking me up😂 Still I’ll be upset about this. My brother is excited for him though. I guess that’s all I have to say. Oh and My source of this image is American girl doll news.com
Are you like me not looking forward to him? Or are you like finally AG? Tell me in the comments below!




Samantha is Bach!

Hi guys! It’s Samantha! I’m back in biz. I’m all ready to go to San Fransisco CA! Logan is waiting for me! I packed today to leave for San Fransisco. Today my mom and I went to a music concert together. While McKenna was being babysittered, my mom and I took a car drive to Dollville auditorium. We sat  down and waited for it to start. “AAAUH”! I said when it started. “MOM!” I hissed. “WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC IS THIS??” “Its Bach, sweetie.” She said. “Uuuuh… Mom, you told me this was Beethoven!” “I did? Well, I’m so sorry sweet plump of sugar!” UGH. I HATE THAT NICKNAME!!! “MOM! DON’T. CALL. ME. THAT.   ”

So that was the day I went to a music concert.

Hello people!

Hi guys! It’s Samantha! I’m super excited to be back home. I’ve been on a trip for a few months, and I just got back. I’m super excited about being back on Worddolls! I hope my sister won’t start blogging on MY blog! Even though I’m going to be letting my 14 year old brother blog. Oh! I haven’t told you about Logan yet! I’m going to have a new brother! Here’s his profile.

Name: Logan

Age: 14

Likes: Drums

Dislikes: Chiwawas

Family: Me, Mom, Dad, and my sister McKenna

Friends: Shirley, and Jake

So that’s Logan’s profile. I got to go though, because somebody here for dinner

A note from the editor…

Hello guys! I am so so so sorry. I have NOT been blogging. ANYWAYS, I HAVE NEWS! So, I saved up my money to get a new American Girl- I’m sorry, BOY DOLL! The new doll American Girl came out with is a boy doll named Logan Everett!! Here is a picture.UnknownIsn’t he CUTE? LOL I’m excited that American Girl, More like American Boy now, came out with Logan! I’m taking a trip to San Fransisco and buying him there! Super excited, and he will be Samantha’s sister! He will blog too, and i will try to blog more. Thank you guys for staying on my blog even though I haven’t been blogging. Bye!- Amelia –

Hey people!

Mom said she paid to make this blog for me and now I’m not using it. My little sister is probably using it more. So, I decided to keep blogging. I admit, it is kind of fun.



Ugh. Sometimes I hate that wishy-washy kid with the round head. He almost didn’t give me supper! Sniff! Joe sad. I was very tired! being a dog, I sleep a lot. So in order to keep eating, (Eating takes up energy!) I need to take a nap sometimes. The kid with the round head does not know that. Well, Ive gotta go. In my free time I chase the red baron!


PS, (Samantha’s blogging is coming back!)