A note from the editor…

Hello guys! I am so so so sorry. I have NOT been blogging. ANYWAYS, I HAVE NEWS! So, I saved up my money to get a new American Girl- I’m sorry, BOY DOLL! The new doll American Girl came out with is a boy doll named Logan Everett!! Here is a picture.UnknownIsn’t he CUTE? LOL I’m excited that American Girl, More like American Boy now, came out with Logan! I’m taking a trip to San Fransisco and buying him there! Super excited, and he will be Samantha’s sister! He will blog too, and i will try to blog more. Thank you guys for staying on my blog even though I haven’t been blogging. Bye!- Amelia –

Hey people!

Mom said she paid to make this blog for me and now I’m not using it. My little sister is probably using it more. So, I decided to keep blogging. I admit, it is kind of fun.



Ugh. Sometimes I hate that wishy-washy kid with the round head. He almost didn’t give me supper! Sniff! Joe sad. I was very tired! being a dog, I sleep a lot. So in order to keep eating, (Eating takes up energy!) I need to take a nap sometimes. The kid with the round head does not know that. Well, Ive gotta go. In my free time I chase the red baron!


PS, (Samantha’s blogging is coming back!)


Peanuts are taking a stand!!!!!!! Now that its warming up (sorry if u live in Alaska….. 😬…… BUT! wait a sec… hey! What about the people who live in Hawaii??? Never mind…


ALL I WANNA SAY IS…… arg stop bugging me Nyla! (Nyla’s my dog…..)



Amelia Grace ☺️ IMG_5302.jpg


Hwy!!! hows evrybudy duing tuday?  im glad yu ar foluwing my bog! im so excsited for tuday becase im gouing tu tel yu abot mor of my faveirote and no faveirote tings.


hat     my siser samantha somtimes

lov     nodles

hat     beeing sik

lov     plaing anmal jame


tose ar a few of my faveirote tings. bye!!!!!!!!!! im gonna fidle wit thes butons…..


OK SISSY. YOUR BLOGGING CAREER IS DONE! How can I basicly LIBE!? I mean, live. What does libe mean? Brb gonna check it out. DUH. I think it’s a type-out. BACK TO MY SISTER. HEY YOU. SISTER. I KNOW YOUR WATCHING OVER MY SHOULDER. BUG OUT. Bye bye. I think she has learned her lesson, but I’m not sure. What happened was that she went to bed without supper. I’m like, “THAT IS TOTALLY USELESS! TALK ABOUT LEARNING A LESSON. GEEZ.”. Anyways, I’m gonna try to do a blog post everyday saying to my sister DO NOT TRESSPASS MY BLOG YOU BLOCKHEAD. Anyways, I gotta go. BUG OUT SISSY. Grrrr. Byeeeeee

HI EVERYONE! How ar yu? Today fr my bog post im gong too du a all abot mee today.


coler: purle

ting: reding

i dont now wat else too du. uh oh her comes samantha! Bye